Looking For Whitney Formerly at Gloss Salon in 4S San Diego

UPDATE Dec 6: I found her!!!  Thanks to 2 other clients who love her and pulled some ninja moves once they found out she was gone and got her last name to me.  Then, I pulled some internet ninja moves and found her.  How? I found a picture of my last cut with her on some asian-scraper site that scraped Whitney’s Instagram page.  It was this picture:

Whiney Loesier Gloss Salon 4S Ranch

Only Whitney can pull this cut like this.  I’ve seen people replicate this with their stylists and it’s just not Whitney.  So, yes, I found her and you can now too. Hit up Whitney on her IG account http://instagram.com/hairbywhitneyloeser.  From there, you will see where she works now =)

Now,  I will get back to my fellow Yelp Ninjas and let them know where to find the only girl they trust with their hair.

Then, off to rid of the mop on my head =)


I am searching for this stylist who used to work at Gloss Salon in 4S Ranch.  Do you know where I can find her?

To see Whitney’s work and a picture of her, visit http://www.jennylouraya.com/?s=gloss+salon

And here are some pics over the years with her and a little insight as to why I am looking for her.

June 15 Whitney Gloss Salon


Before ^^




And pictures of my hair over the years:

jennylou-encinitas-trip.jpgWhite oversized frames Jennylou Raya Super big glasses Jennylou Raya



I think she is awesome.  The salon where she used to work at?  This is what I think:

Gloss Salon Whitney Review

Anywho…. it is just my opinion.  I just really want to find Whitney and get a haircut.  Do you know where she is?  I have already asked all the ones that gave Whitney a raving review on Yelp. Maybe they know where she is at or know her last name. Do you know?

Jennylou on Beer

A question on it was posed online and I answered it.

1. My fave drink when it comes to alcohol?

Some kind of fruity drink with vodka for me and i drink his beer too.

2. Do you drink craft beer?

Yes, we only drink craft beer. Anything locally brewed. We hunt them out at events, restaurants and the the stores around here.

3. Would you drink craft over your favorite drink?

75/25 – 75% of the time, I go craft. I like my fruity vodkas but hubby can make them at home and nothing beats craft beer from the brewery or restaurant’s tap.

4.  How likely are you to order craft over other beers like Coors and Corona?

 I would never drink Coors or Corona.. I did before and didn’t like beer. I drank for the social aspect – I know, lame right?  But after you have tasted the craft, you never go back. My brother in laws would disagree so when we go to their place, we do bring our own beers because hubby and I am not having his coors…. might as well drink water.  We beer snobs refer to their beer as piss-water.

The gigantic popular well known Super Bowl beer companies  are offering and buying up these craft breweries left and right with devout followers. Killing off their competition but to also get in the market. They know people have moved on from them and their image. Craft beer is not about women and sports, either. It is ingredients and taste. A way to get people back is to get these breweries and their beer. Some big companies move in, change the formula, people leave. Some stay exactly the same and people never knew there was a changing of the guards. When they do find out, they watch real close because craft beer people are really particular. Displease them and they just move on to another brewery. San Diego is a hotspot for craft beer. There are plenty to choose from so a craft drinker is never sad for too long =)

Thankful from A to Z: P is for Peet’s Coffee

I am thankful for this coffee shop because finally, I can have coffee again. I started drinking coffee back in my college days… That’s what college kids do, right? I even started supporting my habit by working for the SBUX during the very early and very late hours and going to school. This was the same time that my intake of Starbucks food and drink went up (drinks were free and there were discounts on pastries). This was also the time that the frequency of my migraine headaches grew, along with sugar lows and jitters.

It was several months later after working there that I started something new to understand my physical health. It was after keeping a food log (what I ate and how i felt and body reaction after consuming food), did I realize that I had to stop eating and drinking Starbucks.

Fast forward 8 years later, I decided to try Peet’s Coffee and I did not have the same physical issues. By this time, I was well versed about real food and not real food. I wanted to know why I was able to drink coffee from Peet’s and not the other one I worked for. It is in the way they roasted their beans. There is no need for anything thing fake added with Peet’s, and being that additives are the number 1 cause of migraines for me, Peet’s was a place I can go for coffee. And I have now been going there for almost 2 years. I am ecstatic. I never thought I would ever have coffee again – until I met Peet.

And if that wasn’t great enough for me, I just found out, today, that I would no longer have to drive 25 minutes away for my Peet’s fix… I will now have the option to stroll on over :)

Are you a Peet’s fan? Tell me why and maybe I’ll sit down and have Peet’s coffee with you – because I can!

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