Those of you that follow me on Instagram, you would have noticed that I post a lot of food. Yes, I am one of those people that post pictures of their food.  Let me defend myself that I don’t just post it for vanity or boredom.  I post to share and give light to local and organic farming.  The things that I cook, the things that I eat, and inevitably post online  – 90% of it – are local and/organic.

I do not have my own farm (I wish!) but live in a tiny piece of real estate in San Diego with an HOA (Boo, I know!)  So I do the next best thing: Jimbo’s.

Here is a page from Jimbo’s site explaining what local and organic food mean:

Jimbos Local Organic Grocer San Diego

You do not know how good food can be until you have food that is from Jimbo’s because of the standards they have.  If I was a snob with anything, it would be food – and I am. And that is only because I have seen and tasted the difference when it comes to local and organic vs.  regular mass grocery chain non organic and organic selections.  Once you go Jimbo’s,  you will never want to go back.

Gone are those days when you thought vegetables are tasteless, bitter, and gross objects placed on a plate.  Many vegetables are actually very crisp, sweet, and delicious at its peak and when grown in much better conditions. Juice a pound of carrots and a bunch of celery and you would wonder if carrots were misclassified as a vegetable, lol =)  Check out local and organic food for yourself from farmer’s markets and specialty grocers where local farmers can get their items on shelves or for sale.  Or go to Jimbo’s with its many locations in San Diego.

This is not a sponsored post. I am simply sharing my love for local and organic food and the best way to get it.


Once upon a time, I was on the floor with my child and she starts singing a song, a song that was oh too familiar to the world, it had a great beat, easy to remember, and catchy.  The song was so all of that, that my 2 year old was singing something that was initially cute… then split-second, realized was something that was not cute.

Oh, I am no prude. I have been a lover of music, I appreciate culture and all sorts of music genres.  With that said, why did I have to expose my 2 year old to the booty shaking ones first?  I can change that.

I stepped back and realized that the only time she hears the not to great music is in the car.  We are somewhat susceptible to whatever it is on the radio.  I am not a collector of CDs and at the point, I did not have my phone to stream my own preferences.  So, I did a search and I found K-LOVE.

K-Love Online Christian Music

This is a radio station that I have peace playing in my car with anyone in the car.  Not only is it good food for the soul but they really do live up to their tagline, “Positive, Encouraging, K-LOVE.”  Those days that I need “noise” to drown out the stresses, I turn to this station.  Not only is it noise, but it fills the emptiness with positive  and encouraging stories, stories of faith, hope, and love from across the nation and the world.  Some guy from the Caribbean just called this morning to say hello!

K-Love has helped me so much.  There are times you want to be alone and in silence.   Once I’ve had enough silence but not ready to talk or have anyone around, K-LOVE is the perfect companion. At a time when I am feel empty or overwhelmed, it is good to know that there is someplace – in your car, smartphone or anywhere there is internet.  I’ve never used it but for those that need and want to, there are pastors and counselors and people on the other line to counsel and pray for those who call in.  Just amazing what K-LOVE has, is, and can do for all those who care to tune in.

Try out K-LOVE.  They even have a 30 Day Challenge.  Simply listen to nothing but K-LOVE on the radio and see if you see positive changes in your perspective and life.  I bet you will.  Try it:

K-LOVE is also non-profit and 100% listener sponsored.  SO thankful  they have been here for me and my family for all these years and I wish them many more years on air for me and for you.

THANKFUL FROM A TO Z: J is for Jesus Online

What the wheezy  is Jesus online?  Sound funny but it does exist.  ‘Jesus Online’ is a term i started using when I realized it was possible to get my spiritual fix or “church” online.   When Hubby needed to use the one car we have to go to work and could not go to church?  Jesus online.  When I felt under the weather?  Jesus online.  Straight up too cold to go outside or just plain lazy? Jesus online.

Pretty much, most will agree that you can find everything online but not everyone actually knows that you also “go to church” online.  “Oh it can’t be the same” is what the naysayers have said.  Church is not  to be online but to be of gathering of people in one place.  I will never say that online and in person gathering is the same BUT it is a great alternative to those who can’t make it to a church building and need their Jesus-fix, like me.  In fact, as former professional church hopper for so many years, I have found that my favorite churches I have gone to physically are online as well.  In my opinion, some of the best churches one will ever be “in” will be via online.

Here are a few of my favorite “Jesus Online” churches: (San Diego)

Rock Church San Diego, CA (Orange County)

Saddleback Church Online Campus


Not only areThe Rock San Diego and Saddleback online, they actually pay LIVE during services.  You can watch in real time.  And if your schedule does not permit, you can head to their archives and watch at a time best for you.  Many times, it isn’t Sunday morning and that is totally ok.  Jesus is not bound by time or location; so, why should church be?


Thankful from A to Z: I is for Introspect and Internal Drive

I am thankful for introspect.  Introspect is examining one’s own thoughts or feelings. I am also thankful for my internal drive, the force to keep going,  to do what is for me, as a result of my introspect.

There are so many distractions in this world, outside of ourselves.  There are so many messages and voices on what we should be, what we ought to be, and what we could be.  But do we actually ask ourselves enough what is it that we think and feel, and are these things as a result of our own internal voice, a calling from above, or something forced upon us by someone beside us?

When I was really young, I had no care if I was not fitting in.  I wanted to be inside the house and read a book.  I didn’t care what all the other kids were doing.  I didn’t care I was made fun of for being in a book.  I had comfort with my book and I was happy and content with that.  When I examined myself and saw that I was not like all the kids, I was totally ok with it.  I was internally driven to be with me and the things I liked, instead of being externally driven to be out there with them because I was not like them if I stayed in.

When I got older into my early 20s, I did less of introspect and listening of the self.  I wanted to be accepted, I wanted to fit in.  I wanted to look cool.  While all  looked well, all the while, I was losing the internally happy me.  I wasn’t getting to do what I really wanted to do.  When you are out clubbing and surrounded by noise almost every night, there is little time to dwell in quiet learning – what I really loved!  The people around me was not of that mind and  I had little internal drive to break away and go back to the beat of my own drum.

Eventually clubbing, partying, and getting wasted and looking really glam while doing it got old. The natural maturity of my brain, thinking and thought process kicked in.  With a growing need for change, my internal drive took over the external forces. Exposure to things that had always mattered to me back in my early years became more prominent again.  All the external noise I had been around was no longer loud enough to drown out my internal voices.  I, again, did not care more about the voices of others around me more than the voices in me and the calling from above.

I went on a search but did not have to go very far.  I  had returned to life of introspect.  I drenched myself in learning again – from philosophy, personal development, history, and even domestic arts! I read about people of courage and values.  I aspired to be one of them; people who followed the beat of their own drum and making a difference.   My head was filled with good things and my actions reflected my values. Even if the people around me were doing or thinking something different, I had the drive again to be true to myself.

Eventually, people of like-mind started coming coming into my life and it felt – and still feels – amazing.  I asked God for real friends. People who “get” me.  And little by little and then all of a sudden, people of like mind and friends are around me.  (I still do have friends of non-like mind). Finding people that you fit with because you already are  and have been is like finding that last piece to a puzzle – or the feeling of putting on that perfect pair of shoes and it screams in comfort “Take me home!”  Had I pretended to be someone else, gone with the flow of others, and not pay attention to my own thought and feelings and have the balls to be of my values, I would not be at this place in life where I am happy, content, full, and can give to others.

Introspect and internal drive, I am thankful for you.

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