Technology is NOT Bad for Kids!

I cringe inside when people ask, “How do I get my kid to learn?”  and when I recommend what I did for my accidental geniuses, they respond with “I don’t let my kid touch technology.”


And this is because????

The conversation is practically over in my head because my brain just can’t fathom or get over such a statement.

But I have calmed myself down and asked, What “technology” are you against? If she were to tell me that she didn’t want her kid playing Angry Birds all day, then we are in agreement and I totally support being against “technology.”

The reality is that parents are not really against technology; what they really are against is the technology that they are familiar with (Facebook, YouTube, Netflix) in the hands of their kids, while being unfamiliar with awesome apps that get kids learning without force and frustration.

Technology is not the know all, end all, but one of the may tools I use in homeschooling.  We use a hybrid of “traditional” and hack schooling education via iPad and computers.  From experience, technology have brought my kids to a whole other – or several steps further up than had they not had the technology I provide for them in hand.

Parents, somewhere along the way, acquired this belief that technology dumbs kids  down.  And here is their kid that they are struggling to teach anything and they won’t consider what works for others.  Hey, the lack of technology probably had nothing to do with him or her being behind  (as it is non existent in the kid’s life, to begin with) so why not try something new like technology and maybe technology would help?

The other reason that parents are against it is simply because they are not aware of the great things that are out there.  Stop giving your phone to your child to play your game of Angry Birds and get some good stuff on it before ruling out that technology is bad for kids. Here is a list of educational options for iPads, iPhone, Kindle, and the other technology tablets out there:

Have at it!  Replace what you have in your mind as technology material and replace the void with all the great ones that are out there.  If you need more convincing, look up people who have made some great technological advances like Mr. Tesla, Steve Jobs, and Mark of Facebook.  They had super early access to technology. It appears that no harm was done by technology. So, enjoy learning again and finally enjoy technology :)

Let’s start with apps, here is a guide by ages provided by Common Sense Media:

Apps for Kids Android Tablet Ipad

As far as my kids, before they were able to do much, had computers. A little later, they both got iPads, iPod, Kindle, Kindle Fire HD, and Nexus. All this technology did not, or has not stunted their growth or development. In fact, it actually has done the opposite.  My kids do not know the technology of cable tv but they are well aware of Apple TV and Amazon TV.  They are also immersed in technology of all kinds but we are not passive in them, we choose and interact and learn with it all. In their short life,  they have had exposure to probably about  a hundred apps each. Some are great, some are meh, and some are poorly made.  And those that are great, we keep around longterm, because I know that these have – and will continue to have – a positive impact on their learning and development.

Two hands up to technology :)

Fashion Friday: Jamberry Nails 411+ Q&A + Giveaway – Join Me!

A few of you asked about the nailart nailwraps I have been posting on Instagram in the last couple of months, especially after I posted this yucky picture on January 4, 2015 of my outgrown nails:

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.55.18 AM I was sitting on a park bench absorbing the San Diego sun and took this shot on my phone.  I know…. i was bored, haha. The finger on the left (my ring finger) is a ‘Jamberry Nails‘ wrap that had been on since Dec 5th, 2014 (a complete 30 days!).  It was still going strong with no signs of peeling off.  The finger on the right (my middle finger), are  my nails painted with Zoya nail polish, about a week old.

It was another week before I gave up and I could no longer stand the waiting game of them peeling off, so I finally took my 1 flower nailwrap off, and on a lazy Monday, January 11, I completed both my hands from a Jamberry Nails sheet that I had bought years ago.   This was the result:

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 4.12.44 PM

This was an Owls and Stripes sheet known as Jamberry Minis (Jamberry nails for little girls) that I “tweaked” to cover both my hands.  This design is no longer available for sale.  But hey, there’s 300+ more prints to choose, so no time to be sad ok? =)

After applying this, I had a renewed like for these things… this Jamberry thing… and so I thought of sharing it with you here on my blog and on Facebook.

Someone asked me, “What is Jamberry Nails, exactly?”

They are these super thin (vinyl?) thing that adheres on top of my natural nails.  Just a little bit of heat, press down, trim, form, and voila!  That’s basicallly all I know.  So to help further answer your questions and helps yall’s  learn more about it, Reina AdornedwithBlessings will be conducting a Jamberry 411/Q&A Facebook event over the next few days here .

You just click or tap on the link above and “attend” it, make friends, and participate.  Read up on the wall about Jamberry Nails.  Of course, ask your questions too.

She will share what Jamberry is, how to apply them, and of course, share lots of pictures. Here are 2 that have already been posted on the wall:

Jamberry Nails Multicolored flowers

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 3.48.26 PM
Why am I talking about this?  Because one, I think they are adoreable and because, I love sharing things that I like and love and have a positive opinion on, here on my blog and on all my social media sites.  (I also share negatives opinion from time to time when it is called for, but for the most part, who has time for all that negativity?!)

I first tried Jamberry Nails back in December 2011.  (I recalled so only because someone asked me, “Could they be used on toes?’ ) I googled to see if my Christmas Ornaments feet with Jamberry on them were somewhere online, and yup, here is that blog post: . And even 3 years later, I still have the same positive opinion about them that I had over 3 years ago.


I also want you to try it for FREE.  Get a free Jamberry nail sample sent to your home from AdornedWithBlessings and see how the wraps feel and work with your nails.  She has several designs to choose from on a pic she posted on the Events Wall.  Take a pick and she will mail your free sample right out to you.

From here, you can decide if it is for you, or say, “No, thank you.”

If you do decide to make a purchase, you can conveniently do so using the party link.

Disclaimer: There are “Hostess Perks & Rewards” I automatically earn for sharing and resulting in a sale.  But wait, there’s more:  I will be spending those Hostess Perks on 1 lucky customer. How?  Why, I am so glad you asked! 1 customer I will be receiving extra “warm love” and sugar from me.

Can you guess what it is?

Jamberry Nails Owl and Stripes Jennylou Raya

It is almost heart season, so why not a shot to win your own…



wait for it…




a Jamberry Nails Heater for FREE!!

How sweet is that?
Here’s how:

Make a purchase  through the Facebook event’s Party Order Link.

That’s it!

1 entry to win for every $1 spent through party order link.  At the end, a random winner will be picked and receive a Jamberry mini heater from me, absolutely  FREE!  Yes, the very thing that makes Jamberry Nails application even more easy peasy can be yours absolutely FREE =)


So that’s it.  If you want check this out and to just see what Jamberry is, join me  Don’t feel pressured to buy. Simply learn  about something new today.  That’s is more important to me more than anything.  If you do buy, you may just be the lucky winner!


Jennylou Raya


Please Note: The primary purpose of me sharing Jamberry with you (or anything I talk about on this blog) is for you to learn more about what I love + I love supporting my friends and the great things that they do or represent.  I don’t just ever show you things just to buy or because there’s something in it for me.  I share with you things I love and why you might like it too.  And no, I was not monetarily compensated for this blog post.

HOW TO or NOT TO Communicate with Jennylou

Just got done with my DISC profile and I must say it is pretty accurate.  It is supposed to be, with all the research and elements to create it, an accurate representation of the person taking it.  22 pages long and here, I share for those who care to know.  If you were wondering how to effectively communicate with me,  read the first section.  If you really want to turn me off and say “lalalalalalallaalalallalalllalall” while I plug my ears at you, do the second set ;)

Here is the Communication of my DISC profile:

The information below will help others communicate with you more effectively by appealing to your natural behavioral style. The first items are things others SHOULD do to be better understood by you (Do’s) and the second list is of things others SHOULD NOT do (Don’ts) if they want you to understand them well.

Things to do to effectively communicate with Jenny:

  • Do your homework, because others will have already done their share of it.
  • Make an organized appeal for support and contributions.
  • Be accurate and realistic, don’t over-inflate ideas or outcomes.
  • Allow time to verify the issues and potential outcomes.
  • Be certain to remember to provide specific action steps and details for all involved.
  • Provide clear, specific solutions, and support your position.
  • Use the conversation to direct you back to the topic or issue at hand. 

    Things to avoid to effectively communicate with Jenny:

  • Don’t threaten with position or power.
  • Don’t be vague or ambiguous.
  • Avoid being overly task-oriented.
  • Avoid being impersonal or judgmental.
  • Don’t be disorganized or sloppy.
  • Don’t force others to agree quickly with your objectives and position. Provide some time to warm up to the ideas.
  • Don’t use unreliable evidence or testimonials.



Information provided by  DISC profile at .  Take yours and learn about you, or like what I posted above, help others learn about you too.

My Top 5 Everyday Foods to Stay Healthy {Updated}

I have been a long time social sharer of organic, raw, real and good food.  Food is what I mainly Instagram about, more than anything.  No one pays me to show you my food but I love food and I am a firm believer  that food, if done properly, is your medicine.  I am not a doctor but with my quest to heal myself and because of my personal experiences in it, I have been able to do for myself more than what doctors have provided me. My health has only gotten so much better when I found the truth, that food is thy medicine.

Some may say that food is food.  I guess so, in some people’s eyes; like, how a car is a car for others and for another, it is much more than just a car.

Here are my top foods and what I think is the best from each type.  I stand behind these because my family and I are living proof of its positive effects on our health.  If you were to ask me what health foods you should start with, I would recommend the following:
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The thoughts of Jennylou typed out; mostly of life and living in San Diego, CA