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First Impressions: MiaAdora 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

3D lashes. Have you heard of them? What is it and what is all the rave with 3D fiber lashes? You may already be a raving fan or totally clueless and here simply you want to see what else is out there. Beauty salons, the drugstores, online sites, and even individuals sell them on the streets – but have you tried them? 

If you have been clueless about 3D lashes until now and wondering how they work, join the team and read on!

Maybe you’re like me and totally 3D lash illiterate.  I have been asked many times about them and have no personal experience to go on. I was really not a mascara-wearing type of girl… until recently.  In the last year, the universe have collided and tubes of mascaras keep coming my way via subscription boxes and companies sending me makeup and mascara goodies for me to test out.  Eventually, I was offered to try fiber lashes also known as 3D lashes by Mia Adora.  They sent me their product for free in exchange for an honest review and mention here on my blog.  I said yes; after all, this is the ‘What Says You, Jennylou?’ blog, is it not?

So let’s do this….

What I have starting out is a prepped face with stick-straight-down-Asian lashes that are barely even there. See how short and naked my eyes are?

Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes Daylight - Before
I get my Mia Adora box and these are the products I see:

Mia Adora 3D Kit set
Comes in a protective travel case made with recyclable material PLUS PLUS a Free Bonus Eyelash Guide to help you achieve longer and thicker lashes than you ever have without the use of falsies!

There are 2 tubes but 3 steps to the process.  Tube #1 is called Magnifying Gel and Tube # 2 is called Natural Fiber Lashes.


The MiaAdora DS Fiber Lash Mascara promise:

  • Instantly Longer, Thicker Eyelashes – Magnify your natural eyelashes up to 300%  in 3 steps!
  • Water and Smudge Resistant
  • Natural Non Toxic Ingredients Strengthen and Condition Your Natural Eye Lashes.
  • NEVER tested on Animals!

Here is an inside look at the 2 wands pulled out fresh from the tubes:


Mia Adora 3D Lash Wands 3 steps


And here are the instructions on how to apply them, right on the lid of the box:

How to Apply Mia Adora 3D Lashes

I did one run-through of the 3 steps, on one eye.  On my other eye, I did a second set of the 3 step process:

Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes Daylight - After

Do you see a difference here with the Mia Adora 3D Fiber Las Mascara, compare to my previous face picture?  And do you see the difference between repeating the 3-step process?  I do!!

Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes Mid Daylight

Of course, I could not leave the house with uneven lashes and fixed up the other eye.  What do you think?  I could have packed it on and on but I side with a more “natural” look when it comes to lashes.  These are already huge for me as I really don’t have lashes to begin with.  300% is possible but I was already content with the size of these which is about 200%.  I cut back in the # of strokes they recommended at each step.  Step 1 was 15 – 20, step 2 was 10-15 and step 3 was 15-20 as well.  I did about half that.

Do note that all photos of my face are unretouched and unfiltered. The first two were taken facing out the bedroom window to get as much natural light as possible and the third was outdoors in my car (imho, the most unforgiving lighting of all for a selfie) but my goal here was to give you accurate and a real life representation of the Mia Adora 3D Lash product on my eyes.  You can see more real life pictures of other users at

My first impression on the lashes:

Why 2 tubes when so many advertise amazing full lashes with the use of one mascara tube?  After opening up the second tube for Step 2, I was surprised that it was so dry looking (like a super long cotton swap on a stick) but saw that the fibers were necessary for the building of lashes.  The fibers stick on the the Magnifying Gel. Tube 1 (Magnifying Gel) provided the base for tube 2 (Natural Fiber Lashes) and step 3 is what sealed the fibers from tube 2.  It all made sense after I did what the box told me to do.   I did like that my lashes were not crunchy and very flexible.  It may even had a curling effect as my stick-straight-down-lashes were no longer so down.

Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lashes Nighttime

This picture was taken 10 hours after I first applied them.  Even after a full day of having them on, there were no fibers that fell on to my cheeks.  I have heard before that 3D lashes fall off throughout the day leaving black fibers all over the face but that is not the case with me and with Mia Adora 3D Lash Mascara.  I did come across a YouTube video after I had already put the product on, that skipping on Step 3 causes all the fallouts.  Make sure not to skip out on Step 3 as that seals the fibers on the lashes and keep them falling onto the face.  I did have a few fibers go in my eyes during the Step 2 process but it was no big deal and there was no stinging or pain from it.


Ready to try it out for yourself and get your lashes 300% ticker and fuller than what you have now? have a Summer Sale going on and only $23.99 + tax and shipping.  Original retail is $59.99. Their website offer comes with an ebook titled, “Best Eyelash Secrets” sent right to your email for instant access after your purchase on their site is made. If you have Amazon Prime, go to and use the free shipping for all Prime members (Note: Ordering from Amazon does not come with the free ebook).

Do I recommend Mia Adora as a viable fiber lash product worth a try with your hard earned money?  I am all for natural and non-toxic makeup products that not only make you look good with it on, but also enhance what you do have underneath.  Strengthening and conditioning while it actually does while it says, I give it a thumbs up.  Thicker, longer, fuller and flexible lashes with Mia Adora earns it a spot on my daily makeup station.


Not all Skinny Jeans are Created Equal

We have heard that fashion can kill  – figuratively – but doctors and people are saying literally too, because it is true.

There have been other stories on this but the latest is from Yahoo’s article titled, “Woman’s Painful Story Details Health Risks of Skinny Jeans.” It details how she was hospitalized as a result of her skinny jeans.

Read the article and see what she was doing in her jeans that risked her life.

First thought in my head…. “Come on…. dress for the occasion!”  Moving, lifting, squatting… reserve that for the appropriate attire.   Maybe she was caught off guard and last minute had to engage in such rigorous activity, or the weather was painfully hot while conducting her normal activities and put her body in unusual distress.  I don’t know.  But I do know is that the skinny jeans did not just lay there and put her life at risk.

Why I am bothered by this more than I should be… I don’t know.  Is it the same way people who love their guns get irritated when people say that guns are to blame for deaths instead of the crazy person who took it up and shot innocent people?  Ok, maybe that is bit over the top there, but I do LOVE my skinny jeans as someone would love their guns.  Skinny jeans is all I wear. I have many of them in all different colors and brands and spanning the cost spectrum. I have one in particular that takes turns between me and the laundry machines.  I just love this pair and wear it all the time.

For those that are skinny-jean impaired, let me share that skinny jeans are not all created equal.  Some have zero stretch and some flow with your body.  I personally know with 10 skinny jeans from 3 different brands ranging from $7.80 to $98. The material, the feel, and how it moves with the body vary despite its style “Skinny.”  They may be called the same and look the same but they are not.

Case in point:

Skinny Jeans Jennylou Raya
Can you tell me if this is the same pair or 2 different pairs of jeans? It’s 2 different pairs.

Can you tell which is $98 and which one costs only $19.98? Without the camera time stamp on these, I would not have been able to tell you which pair was which.  And I will leave it to you to speculate.

I had to return one of these (I ordered online) back for what may be deemed as health and safety reasons. I was able to close it and look great but I could not feel great. I could not breath. There is a world of difference in feeling from the other pair. One of these did not form to my body, instead,  it kept my stuff “in” and forced my body to conform to it. I looked great but it did not move with me like my favorite pair moves with me.  The fave has this Tencel cotton stretch built into it.  Maybe that is why it is $98.  When I jiggled my thighs in these stretchy skinny jeans, I would see it all jiggle but my legs were at its best shape once I stopped the jiggling.  The non-stretchy $19.98 did not move with me.  It kept me from moving freely.  My $7.80 jeans (pictured here) start to loose shape, no longer conform to my body, and look saggy after a long day despite looking perfect in the morning when I first put them on.

So tempting to keep something that looks real nice and under $20 but I knew doing so meant I was going to force myself into them, voluntarily and involuntarily keep myself  “in” all day, and risk myself –  and for what? All for looks and being unable to pass up good deal on great looking pair of jeans?  I would have exchanged it for a size up but they were sold out, so a return it is. If looks could kill, this would be it for me, haha.  So, I had to let go and put that money towards another one of my favorite, expensive, flattering and safe skinny jeans.  Maybe more would consider doing the same, especially if they knew their lives depend on it?


My Stitch Fix {Feb 2015} Box Review!!!


Yes, it is already mid-June and just now that I am blogging about my box.  I remember that I have not covered this as I wore one of my favorite tops a couple of days ago to a graduation. This top was from a Stitch Fix box that came in 16 weeks ago. Here was what was inside that box:

Stitch Fix Unboxing Feb 2015 Jennylou Raya

There were a lot of colors and a lot of prints – a pleasant welcome to my closet of solids.  The point of Stitch Fix is to help me stretch my fashion sense and wardrobe.  The clothes are things that a Stylist thinks I may like based on my Stitch Fix profile I had filled out, but may never pick up from the rack if I were shopping myself.

Along with the 5 pieces that came in my box, is this sheet that shows me how to wear the clothes that were sent to me.  I find this to be helpful because sometimes I think, “How does one wear this?”  And, viola! There it is right here:

February Stitch Fix Box Jennylou Raya


The Shivan Split Neck Blouse is the only piece out of the 5 pieces that I kept. It is a bit poofy on the sleeves but i love the print, the casual-ness and comfort of it.  It is easy to dress with the many pairs of jeans I already have. I did wear the shirt pretty closely to what they had it with jeans and some short cut booties.

Stitch Fix Shivan top colar Jennylou Raya

Stitch Fix Shivan Blouse Jennylou Raya

Stitch Fix top and jeans Jennylou Raya

My jeans as seen here were also from Stitch Fix and my boots are from Just Fab.  I skipped out on the scarf as the day’s temperatures were in the high 70s and sunny.  I complemented the blouse’s neckline, instead, with jewelry.  My face was made up with Tyra (as in Tyra Banks) beauty.

I actually did not get a standing up or full-body pic of the graduation day’s outfit, so here is the shirt in full body from a different day:

Stitch Fix Shivan with Gladiator Sandals

The outfit in the picture above consists of gladiator shoes (or sandals) and purse from Just Fab. The jeans here are the under $10 skinny jeans from Forever 21.


To learn more about Stitch Fix and how it works, check out my previous Stitch Fix post I wrote back in February at


I did not keep the other items in the box because I already have something similar (cardigan), was too big (the 2 blouses) and twas blah in color (the dress).


Disclaimer:  There are affiliate links mentioned in this blog post.


Just Fab:l

Tyra Beauty:

I am not monetarily compensated to write about my Stitch Fix box esperiences but purchases made through my links above does give me a little product credits if you make a purchase through my links.  My opinions are personal and true and no censorship has been made.  You too can get your own affiliate links and get paid for the mention of items you love.


Until next time,

Jennylou <3

100 Years of Aging

I see lots of videos everyday and share them on my social media sites but this one I think really hits me more than all of them. Here in this video, we see a couple in their 20s about to get married in a month and go through a transformation of themselves as they are in their 50s, 70s. 90s. Much deeper than all the makeup is the words that come from their hearts, speaking of each other decades beyond them, and reflecting on what they may gone through in years past.  If I am not making sense, that is ok. Just grab a tissue box and watch.

Hubby, I look to many more decades with you… the moments, the memories, the lover.  We are almost at decade 1 and we are the best yet we have been as individuals and as a couple. It can only get better with age. =)  I love you!!!

I wish this couple on video many years of happiness and love.  And may they hear the words spoken on this video at those future moments of their life.  What a gift that would be.

Stitch Fix Box {April 2015} Video + Review

Another happy day is when I arrive home and there is a Stitch Fix box waiting to be opened. Just before opening, I thought I should catch it on camera and open it with you… and my son =) Click the black box to watch.

Stitch Fix unboxing video


The colors and prints are beautiful as always, and great potential pieces to my dominantly solid and neutral closet palette.

Stitch Fix Unboxing April 2015 Jennylou Raya

Here is the sheet that comes with every Stitch Fix box.  It shows you how to wear the pieces that were sent to you.
April 2015 Stitch Fix Box


Renee C – Tucker Split back top was just ok to my liking.  Black and white – bleh…

Level 99 – Lilah Skinny Jean in size 0 fit like a glove.  I knew this had to be expensive, lol.

Peppercorn Chaz Henley Knit Top is very pretty in color, had really cute buttons in the sleeve but it ran big.

Fun 2 Fun Sandy Lace Insert Blouse was really cute but the lace V in the front was not to my liking.  I don’t like to show my chest.

Collective Concepts Zak Faux Wrap Dot Dress felt really nice but was not to my liking.  If you watch my unboxing video, you will see how much my daughter loves it.


Which did I keep?

The Level 99 – Lilah Skinny Jean in size 0 fit that fit like a glove.  I knew this had to be expensive, and yes it was.  I am almost embarrassed to say that I have worn this almost every time I went out of my house.  I am wearing it or it is getting washed.  It looks great with anything and everything and it feels soooo good.  It is high waisted holding in the mommy pouch but I don’t feel so confined and I am not spilling over and out of it.  The fabric hugs avery curve of the body and makes the legs, waist, and

It was $98 for this pair but I have worn it so many times that it has already paid for itself.  I love it so much that I was in search of them and found these jeans to be sold at Anthropologie and  After careful look, I found that this is the Tanya and not the Lilah that Stitch Fix stated.  This was $78 more at the $20 Stitch Fix Styling Fee was applied to the jeans.


Prices on the rest of items?

Renee C – Tucker SplitBack Top – $44

Level 99 – Lilah Skinny Jean in size 0 – $98

Peppercorn Chaz Henley Knit Top – $48

Fun 2 Fun Sandy Lace Insert Blouse – $38

Collective Concepts Zak Faux Wrap Dot Dress -$44

Merchandise Total: $272

Credit $5.00

Styling Fee Credit $20.00

Buy 5 Discount $63.00

Total $184.00


It was really tempting to just spend another $100 or so to get everything but I decided to keep that money for other things that I really LOVE from my future Stitch Fix deliveries or all the other places that I buy from online.  Interested in readinf more about Stitch Fix?  Read my previous Stitch Fix posts on  them and see if this is something for you too =)



Once Upon an Apron – Mother’s Day Fundraiser for Chula’s Mission

Spend a day with your daughter on Saturday, May 9 from 12 noon to 3 p.m. at Brian Malarkey’s Green Acre restaurant while  supporting a great cause with Chula’s Mission. What is Chula’s Mission?  Watch this segment to learn what makes it special and how you can help.

Chula's Mission Mother's Day News Clip

Chula’s Mission was founded in 2010 by Lyndsey Ruiz after the loss of her mother to cancer. While Lyndsey had always known how important her mother was to her, it wasn’t until after her passing that she began to realize the sheer impact her mother had had in her life. Upon realizing the void left by the absence of a mother, Lyndsey knew she wanted to start a non-profit for motherless girls. In order to turn this dream into a reality she began looking for a partner who would share the same vision, drive, and passion. It was exactly one year later, in March of 2011, that Lyndsey and future Co-Founder Mayra San Juan’s paths first crossed.

While getting to know each other, Lyndsey and Mayra learned that they shared more in common than they thought, as Mayra too had lost her mother. They became a support for one another, and started to realize how truly important it was to have someone else who also understood the magnitude of pain associated with losing a mother. Lyndsey knew very quickly, that in Mayra, she had met a very special woman that could take on the role of Co-Founder of Chula’s Mission. In the time since, their friendship has only strengthened as together they pursue their dream in helping other young girls cope with the loss of a mother.

Mission Statement:

Knowing the emptiness that losing a mother can leave in a daughter’€™s heart, the founders of Chula’€™s Mission have created a supportive place for young motherless girls. We offer unique and dynamic grief counseling that incorporates cooking classes, which are designed to aid in the healing process, by providing the comforts found in an age old tradition shared by many mothers and daughters. The goal is for each girl that comes through Chula’€™s Mission to grow into a bright, well-adjusted, and successful young woman. Through the generous hearts of volunteers and benefactors, motherless girls will have the opportunity not only to heal, but to thrive.

“Once Upon An Apron” is a special afternoon where mothers, grandmothers and daughters can spend special time together in a unique way. This Mother’s Day, the purchase of your ticket and taking part in connecting with your own daughter will help others in the process of healing from their loss of their mother.
Once Upon An Apron Chula's Mission
To purchase a ticket for this event, simply click the image above or go directly to

Guests will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities to further deepen the bond of mothers and daughters. From apron decorating to jewelry making to taking memorable photos at the photo booth, it will be an afternoon of making memories. There will also be a panel of celebrity moms who will share their insight and ideas on motherhood. You may know them, they include: Courtney Dwyer from XETV-TV/San Diego 6, Jodi Kodesh from KNSD-TV/NBC 7 and Marcella Lee from KFMB-TV/CBS 8. Laura Cain from KyXy 96.5’s  “Jef and Jer Showgram” will moderate the panelists.

Lunch and refreshments will be served. The event is focused for ages 5-16 years old. However, many of the activities can be appropriate for children under 5.

Proceeds from this event benefits Chula’s Mission, a nonprofit organization in San Diego supporting motherless girls.

To learn more about Chula’s Mission visit their website for more information.

Connect with Chula’s Mission on social media on Facebook and Twitter.

Can’t make it, or would like to follow it this event on social media?  Search #OnceUponAnApron

Scatena Daniels, a philanthropy-focused communications firm, is a proud sponsor of this event.

How Do I Go Through the Tough Times?


ss-emoji-icons Mike Fortress


Tough times are tough. While in it, you go through all the emotions that can be expressed with the symbols on your keyboard, all those expressed on an emoji board and then some. Eventually, we know we have to face these emotions/issues/problems but many times, we don’t know where to start. Here, I share with you what has worked for me in my toughest times.

Perspective and looking at the things you do have – especially the things that money cannot buy – during the storms is what gets you through it. We all tend to go to where we look – our feet walks in the direction our eyes are looking at ALL THE TIME.… so look at where you want to be and do the things that will get you there. I’ve been in tough times where we were looking for coins to pay rent when we already asked for an extension. We worked odd jobs, did everything that was legal to bring money in, gave up things the average person wants, and was thankful for everything we had. Others would see we had nothing but I saw abundance. Hustle and make money. Even though we are comfy now, we are doing multiple streams of income and learning new skills. Depending on one skill or one job is kind of irresponsible and I learned that on my own. Set priorities. Be okay with a small place. Fill yourself with good thoughts and lots of sweat towards something better. A flat tire of the mind goes nowhere… it is hard to steer and drags other ones down. Patch it up, inflate it.

These tough times when I let my low get a hold of me – yes I have them too – when they come, I embrace it really tight, sulk in it, and then release it and then do something productive. These painful low times can be therapeutic and the way to aha moments that lead to the times I am happiest.

For those reading this and thinking… what am I supposed to do with what she just said? Ha, you’re funny and so like me.  You seek a task-based action to take now that will lead to a future solution.  

Here is how I got to a positive mindset:  Books and books of gurus.

Many people say that books – such as self help books and books with all that positive and motivational guru stuff is crap, but I say, sometimes motivational gurus from books, vids, and seminars is great, and for many, is all one may have to lift someone up and out of the gutter and into a new light and perspective. Some people have toxic surroundings, some have toxic people, some have no one. If they do have people, they may not be positive, nor supportive when they hear your dreams you want to achieve in life. Some people don’t know of any successful people – at least not with the kind of success one may want for themselves. This is why I love books, especially self-help books. My books did all that goodness for me and then some. They – my books – were there when I could not speak AND they were there to give me solutions. I didn’t want an emotional being (though they patched up and inflated me just enough to get me moving); I have been built to seek and want solutions. Ironically, because books fed the solutions-need of me, I found comfort and peace from within. I knew from my books that I was going to be okay. My books told me that my story does not end here… in fact, the best was yet to come and yet to be written. 10 years later after my many endless days and midnight hours in a Borders Bookstore, I can honestly say that the books were right, my gurus were right, and God was right all along. Never stop learning and never stop reading such books that will fill your mind and heart with all the good there is in the world that one cannot see because the blinders have shut our eyes.

I say to you, keep moving… your story worth you writing and others rereading awaits you…

Views & Reviews: Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

A lot late to the #YSLMASCARA#RAISETHEVOLUME#YSLFALSIELASHES party but I just have to share this with you because Influenster was so kind enough to send me one of these for testing, reviewing, and sharing purpose.

The mascara: NEW improved formula does not dry out. The best gets even better, the original false lash effect mascara, now with an all new Lash Care formula. Achieve absolute dramatic lashes in a single stroke for eyes that instantly pop. Its secret is the Triple-Intensity Formula: intense volume, intense color and now intense care. The nylon fiber brush coats each lash in deep color and maximum volume from root to tip, while B5 Pro-Vitamin strengthens and protects lashes. Available in 6 signature YSL shades to compliment eye color or to create a customized look.

This formula is a re-release of their best selling mascara that has been around for 50 years. The secret is their tripe-intensity formula includes 4 oils with one of which is argan oil, to nourish and keep them lashes flexible. The original formula remains but the additions was to fine-tune it to get that false eyelash look straight from the tube.

My eyes: I have no eyelashes and the ones I do are fine and stick straight down like many Asian lashes, but this mascara gives it plenty of volume and curl too!

I have very little mascara know how and gladly took Influenster’s tip on how to apply this mascara. Watch their YSL mascara application tips here:  They suggested that  I push upwards and outwards at the same time while doing a zigzag motion from toot to tip. On the bottom lashes, they suggested using the tip to apply mascara on the bottom lashes.   Here are my results:


Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 4.38.23 PM

My right eye (your left) has no mascara at all. The other eye, your right, has 2 coats of YSL mascara.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 4.38.39 PM

This is what it looks like with both eyes in Yves Saint Laurent MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS – Luxurious Mascara.  I only applied mascara on upper lashes.


For those who prefer color versions of the pics about, here it is:

Side by side YLS mascara pictures Jennylou Raya

They were taken facing a window on my iphone.  Why the color differentiation? I do not know.  This is without filter and with me with no make up except the YSL mascara.

My opinions on the mascara:  You can see that I am happy with this mascara.  The thing that I like most about this mascara is that it is leaves my eyelashes flexible.  My eyelashes look full and thick but it is not dry or crunchy at all, unlike other mascaras I have tried and have given me a similar look.  I would prefer not to have any scent on it.  Influenster’s video on this mascara mentioned that it smelled good as it contains mandarin, black currant, basil, jasmine, and vanilla to provide a full feminine scent.  I had totally forgotten about this mention in the video and weeks later when I first applied the mascara, I was walking around thinking, “Who has floral perfume on?”  It took me awhile and with no one else around me to realize it had to be me and it had to be the mascara because I don’t do florals for scents on anything.  It is a tad annoying but not annoying enough to not wear this luxurious formula.  Would I recommend this mascara?  Absolutely!  A mascara around this long is worth the attention as they must be doing something right to still be existing today.  Get it on it and enjoy luxury for your eyes!

You can purchase this YSL Mascara at Sephora or right on the YSL website.  This best-selling mascara retails for $32.00.

I’m not a mascara girl but when I do take the time to apply it on my itty bitty eyes, it makes such a huge difference on the whole face, don’t you think?  I was walking around the house after applying it for the second time and hubby was home.  He asked me, “Did you do something different?,” as he was looking at my face. I already know he does not like spider leg or fake eyelashes.  I asked him if something was wrong.  He said no, just that something was different and and nice but he could not figure out why.  I did just exfoliate my face and I was shining with no make up on. When I pointed out that it was probably my lashes, he was like “Oh wow, nice. I normally don’t like the wearing of fake lashes.” Yes, as a hubby, he may be biased biased, but I did clarify that it is mascara and not glued on eyelashes.

What is your go-to item to transform your face when it comes to makeup?  Have you tried this YSL mascara? If not, what mascara do you swear by and recommends I try?  I would love to hear from you.



Jennylou Raya

YSL Full Effect Faux Cils Mascara


Disclaimer: This YSL mascara was sent via Influenster for testing and review purposes.  All opinions are my own. If you would like to join Influenster and be in the running to test  out products, sign up and you will receive items based on who you are, the type of social things and campaigns you take part in, and your social influence.

The Infleunster YSL Mascara Video
The mascara relaunch along with new eye makeup to celebrate its 50 years since its original debut. #YSLMASCARA #RAISETHEVOLUME #YSLFALSIELASHES




First Impressions of Athleta + Mini Shopping Haul

It was another beautiful San Diego morning and I rushed out the door to Athleta UTC to partake in a special event for San Diego bloggers. I had never heard of Athleta before I was invited but I RSVPed YES when I was told that it was a women’s fitness clothing store and we were going to work out and have a chance to do some shopping.  This was perfect timing as one of the items on my to-do list was to get some workout clothes and get back to working out.  I have not worked out in about a year and it was taking a toll on my health and mobility (oh my back!!). Today would be a  day of firsts.


Today’s workout would be my first yoga class. I have taken balle barre from Dailey Method for about a year and a half but never a yoga class. Here I was trying to be as graceful as can be:

Yoga Reach Selfie Jennylou

See that smile?  Most times, that was not my face.  The yoga poses we were being led to do confirmed even more that I am in trouble if I don’t start moving and working out again.  I did find a pose quite easy…  It was called “left cheek on the mat,” I think.  It was so easy, I decided to take another picture of me doing yoga ;)

Left Cheek on Floor Yoga PoseAfter yoga class was over, it was time to mingle and shop.  I’m pretty shy and get really nervous talking to people I do not know, so after saying hello to Cynthia (the only person I knew), I did what I do well – if not best – SHOP!

The clothes I had for working out were falling apart and it was about time I buy actual workout clothes.  Today would be the first time I buy actual workout clothes. During yoga, I realized I had a pea-sized hole on my pants, ew!  Because of this problemo, I headed the display the pants.

Athleta Work Out Pants Jennylou

Then I got overwhelmed by the choices (did you know that there are workout pants with with different names and created for specific types of sport or activity you do?!!), so I went looking for tops, instead.  I eventually found myself with lots of clothes in my arms to try out.  I soon realized that I was buying non-workout clothes (they have them too).  I had to refocus my shopping and said to myself, “Jennylou, you are here for workout clothes, clothes you do not have yet, clothes that cover the things you want covered.  You want something that would be comfortable, and make you feel pretty, yes??”  With these things in focus, I finally found what I really needed.

Athleta Mind Over Matter Pixel Tank
Mind Over Matter Pixel Tank in the colors Lily Pad and Hot Pink

I came across these tops, tried it on and I was in love with them!

Atheleta Yoga Backside

The pants that you see in this dressing room selfie was already in there.  This is the Chaturanga Capri. Athleta, I thought it was genius of you to put the pants in the dressing room, and more genius, was hanging with it was a piece of paper stating its features and benefits.

Chaturanga Capri Athleta Yoga

When I read that, I thought it was worth trying on. And while I was putting it on, I already knew it was coming home with me.  Just like the tops, its quality was something I never had before.  It fit beautifully and comfortably.  I loved it so much that I asked the sales rep for a longer (ankle-length) version of it and she brought me the Chaturanga Tight.  That was coming home with me too.

Everything fit me perfectly and I was completely sure of my choices.  If for whatever reason, you or I was unsure of something, Athleta was there to help and make everything right. Athleta offered hemming and other perks when shopping with them, as posted in the dressing room.  If after a workout in their clothes you realize it does not work for you, you can return it.  They are the Nordstrom’s of women’s workout clothes!

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 8.53.03 PM

By the way, before I went into the dressing room, I was told that if they were selling something but was not in store in my size, they would get it in for me and shipped for free.  A computer is there in store for customers to place their orders if this was the  case.

Shop Online In Store Athleta

I was satisfied with my 4 pieces so there was no need to use their iMac and free shipping offer.  Maybe next time.  Glad to know they have this service.  They really take major steps to ensure customer happiness.

All good things must come to an end and it was time to pay up.  I paid for my new clothes and afterwards, Athleta gifted me a beautiful Athleta branded yoga mat and a goodie bag. I walked out with a smile on my face.  I took a seat outside their store to catch my breath and decided to take this shot to commemorate my morning of firsts: my first yoga class, first workout clothes and first workout class in over a year.  Thank you Athleta for existing today and the great shopping experience.  I will definitely see you again.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 8.52.30 PM

 And oh –  thank you for all the goodies in my goodie bag!

Athleta Goodie bag

  You can learn more about Athleta and see their products online at

Find the nearest store to you  >>HERE<< to see everything first hand.  Athleta stores offer workshops, community outreach opportunities, and classes such as the one I partook in today.

The San Diego Athleta store is in the UTC/La Jolla  are at the University Town Center Mall.

4505 La Jolla Village Dr
San Diego, CA 92122

Community Day: Peet’s Coffee & Tea Finally Comes to Rancho Bernardo!

‘I am a huge Peet’s coffee fan’ is an understatement. It is pretty obvious in my social media accounts that this is the place to be for coffee and I say this with full confidence.

Peet's Coffee & Tea The premier specialty coffee and tea company in the United States (started in Berkley, CA). Source:
Peet’s Coffee & Tea The premier specialty coffee and tea company in the United States (started in Berkley, CA). Source:

Created by Alfred Peet, beloved by Jim Reynolds – Top Blend is back. Both roastmasters are pictured here, tasting the blend that’s been a Peetnik favorite for decades. (Mr. Peet second from right Jim Reynolds far left.)

I am an x-barista of a big coffee chain and even with free drinks as a worker’s perk, I rarely took them up on it because I just was not crazy about their drinks. Here with Peet’s, they don’t have to pay me or give me free drinks to sing my praises of them.  I gladly pay full price.  I stopped drinking coffee when I found out 9 years ago that it was triggering migraines.  2 years ago, my hubby’s fascination and claims of Peet’s amazing drinks got me wanting to try coffee again. I had to try it and Peet’s did not trigger migraines.  I have been a faithful customer with them and no migraines.  I tried other coffee to see if I was no longer causing a migraine and with other coffee except Peet’s,  I still get a migraine.  I do not know for sure why.

For the last 2 years since I came across Peet’s, I always looked forward to a drink from there.  We get Peet’s whenever we can all up and down our many so cal road trips. When in San Diego, we regularly visit the 4S Ranch location (we were just there April 6th).  On the road, we search for a new Peet’s locations and go to it even if it is out of the way.  We usually hit up the Capistrano, Camarillo, and the any of the ones near beaches.  It is worth the extra effort. I found a Peet’s at the Arizona airport and it was the highlight of my day.

Anywho, the moment I found out about this RB location, I stalked them. Finally opened in the last week and my son and hubby was one of their first customers on April 6, 2015.   Since then, I have already had several drink in cafe and brought home by the hubby.  Peet’s helped me get through several nights of all-night and days of filing taxes (as evidenced here).  When I was finished with taxes, hubby brought me home this:

Peet's Coffee Rancho Bernardo Jennylou Raya

All their coffee and drinks are amazing. It is never too sweet, watery or gross.  I never get a migraine with their drinks either. Something about the processing they do with the beans? (My known allergens are MSG, maltodextrin, artificial sugars, caffein of other coffee brands).

The pastries are never overly sweet, either. Everything is rich and perfect. It is as if they had a panel to really test taste everything and not just put crap out.  I can’t stand how the other places makes their drinks super sweet drinks and call it a coffee drink – ew! If you love tons of sugar, you might not like Peet’s but if you like to actually taste coffee and real ingredients instead of drowning out everything with sugar, Peet’s is it!

What do I get at Peet’s? Lately, I have been getting the caramel latte with whole milk (pictured above).  Some workers will make it a salted caramel for me and some won’t as it is a seasonal item. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble but i am so grateful for those that have made it with the salt for me. I heart you!! Cold drink, I recommend the Green Matcha Javiva. It is just like their former drinks referred to as Freddos but it is richer and even better ingredients, according to the guy who explained to me what the new drinks were.

I heard it was Community day today, April 18, 2014 at Peet’s Coffee as per the hubby. I do not know if that means free coffee, a party, or what….. There is nothing on Google search about it. They did  have a sign up on the counter in the store about Community Day and a date but no details. The workers don’t mention it to the customers (been there several times already). This location is not listed on the main Peet’s website and I do not see a Facebook page for them yet but they did have a sign up on Tax Day they were now open. I think they need an ambassador – or several – to get the word out about this place *raises hands to volunteer*.  It is very quiet unlike all the other Peet’s we have been to – and it has nothing to do with the other coffee shop in the same center.  Searching out Peet’s Coffee on road trips has shown me that the competitor, despite being really close by or even right across the street from Peet’s, is a non-issue.  The people that trek here do not do it for social klout, acceptance, or convenience; they go to a Peet’s because they simply know what great coffee and quality ingredients tastes like.   As much as I would love to keep this place low key and all to myself, this neck of the burbs need to know that great coffee is just around the corner! Catch you at Peet’s!

Whenever I need to get out or take a time out for myself, this is where I’ll be. If you want to chat, this is where we will meet. If you want to grab a cup of coffee, this is where you should go. The best coffee in town. Thank you for opening up here Peet’s Coffee & Tea I no longer have to make a trip across town for it.

Jennylou Raya North San Diego Blogger

Jennylou Raya San Diego Blogger