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ss-emoji-icons Mike Fortress

How Do I Go Through the Tough Times?

    Tough times are tough. While in it, you go through all the emotions that can be expressed with the symbols on your keyboard, all those expressed on an emoji board and then some. Eventually, we know we have to face these … [Read More...]

Athleta UTC San Diego Jennylou Raya

First Impressions of Athleta + Mini Shopping Haul

It was another beautiful San Diego morning and I rushed out the door to Athleta UTC to partake in a special event for San Diego bloggers. I had never heard of Athleta before I was invited but I RSVPed YES when I was told that it was a women's fitness … [Read More...]

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Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

In my opinion, being tolerant of someone else's beliefs is not a denial of faith in Christ as our Savior. Through our... Posted by Dr. Ben Carson on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 ...   "For God did not send his Son into the world to … [Read More...]

Jennylou Raya North San Diego Blogger

Jennylou Raya San Diego Blogger