Thankful from A to Z: O is for Origami Owl

This is Bella, the Founder of Origami Owl.  She is featured on our Look Book for the season just released today.  I am thankful for Origami Owl because it is a way for me to get out of debt and bless others. I can do Origami Owl because of the flexibility it offers (I work from home) and I literally am carrying something that others readily want to buy! You know you want one!  Take a look and you will agree =)

Origami Owl Lookbook San Diego Jennylou Raya

Click and flip though its pages to find the perfect look or the perfect gift!

If you would like go straight to creating your custom locket, this is where you need to go >>>>

Still need a little bit more information before making a purchase? I have created the blog to share with you what o2 is and o2 news using my own words.

Have questions or need help with all this Origami Owl stuff?  You can read the FAQs or get to the point and talk to me. Near or far, I can help you.  All this Origami Owl locket creation talk may just be way too much and daunting of a task. Let me help you.  Tell me your budget, what you are looking for, a little bit about you or the recipient of your gift.  I put the pieces together for you and you are good to go!  Let’s connect and get started, shall we?

Before you leave me today, let’s get social:


Lastly, remember the shipping schedules for Christmas day deadlines.  Weather can get crazy, so shop early.

Origami Owl shipping Holiday 2014

If you miss them. you can contact me for what inventory I have on hand or for an e-certificate redeemable for Origami Owl Jewelry.  [email protected] is how you can reach me.